The Importance Of SPF in skincare

The recent heatwave has shown the importance of SPF in skincare and today we are going to explain why. Our skin works to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation and sunscreen with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) helps to protect us from damaging UV rays. 

We often hear people saying, “I didn’t bother with sunscreen today because it was cloudy,” however, this is the time when sunscreen is important because our skin is susceptible to the sun’s rays even on cloudy days. Damage from the sun can lead to skin cancer, discolouration and wrinkles over time. 

We can all make a small change to our skincare routine to help protect our skin and that is simply by applying sunscreen each morning and again throughout the day. 

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prevent signs of ageing 

When our skin is exposed to the sun with no protection, damage can be caused to our elastin, collagen and skin cells. SPF in skincare is essential and can help reduce premature signs of ageing including discolouration, wrinkles, fine lines and a leathery appearance. Premature ageing is common in those who spend time in the sun without sunscreen, especially in their 20s and 30s. However, this can be preventable by using daily sunscreen. 

Many skincare products for the face now include SPF in the product to help protect against harmful UV rays and provide a level of sunscreen. 

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reduce risk of skin cancer 

Using products that include SPF every day, even when it is cloudy, is one of the best ways to prevent skin cancer. You can lower your risk of developing this disease by using a minimum of SPF 30 multiple times each day. If you are on holiday and spending a long time outdoors or in the swimming pool then you should reapply your sunscreen every two hours. 

Prevent Skin Discolouration 

Skin discolouration usually appears later in life and can often be called ‘sun spots’ and these are brown in colour. They develop on the face, hands, head and arms and can be found on both men and women. If you use creams with SPF and apply sunscreen throughout the day this can help prevent these spots appearing on your skin.

The absolute bare minimum SPF you need on your face is SPF30.  

Our advice for your morning skincare routine would be to use a cleanser, toner and moisturiser with SPF.  Cleanse the skin of any old makeup or grime, use a hydrating toner to help replenish the water your skin barrier lost when you washed and dried your face and then apply a light, gentle moisturiser ideally with a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 in it. We love the Prisma Protect SPF30 moisturiser from Dermalogica. 

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