When To Spray Tan

A spray tan is the perfect way to achieve that ideal glow for a holiday, party or special event but when to spray tan is a question we often get asked. Spray tanning is convenient and safe and a very popular treatment at the Little Parlour. If you need a spray tan for a wedding or want to look great before you head off on holiday you need to create a plan to give you the best results.  

In general, we recommend coming in for a spray tan at least three days prior to the event that is scheduled. Spray tanning is not an instant process and the tan will darken over the days following your spray tan, usually reaching its peak on on the third day. We want you to look your best for your special event so plan your appointment with us in advance to get the best results.

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When to spray tan before holiday

There is nothing better than going on holiday and feeling the sun on your skin after months of braving the winter weather. However, we have to be very careful these days when sunbathing due to the exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays causing sunburn. Getting a base tan before holiday will help your skin glow, hide any blemishes, improve your skin’s appearance and give you a confidence boost. 

We would advise that you book in for a spray tan two to three days before you leave for your holiday. This will give the tan time to develop before you depart for your holiday and hit the beach on arrival. 

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when to spray tan before a special event

Spray tans usually last between seven to nine days and it is actually better to book a spray tan two to three days before a special event, party or wedding. By doing this, you will allow your tan to fully develop. 

Remember when you rinse-off your tan in the shower, use warm water to avoid losing any colour. Don’t use soap or rub off any of your tan. When you get out of the shower, the best thing to do is pat dry with a towel and then apply an oil-free moisturiser so your tan stays even and glowing. If you get a spray tan four or more days before your event, your tan will start to fade, the colour won’t be as dark and won’t pop against your outfit like a fresh tan would. 

Try to aim to book your spray tan two to three days before your event and your tan will be the perfect colour. 

If you would like to check our availability for a spray tan or book an appointment then please book now or call 01932 853200

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