Our top nail shades for Autumn 2022

We have truly entered the Autumn season, the leaves are changing and the temperature has dropped. If you were anything like us, you were ready for a change and with a new season comes new nail colours to choose from. 

Gel Bottle shades for autumn 2022

Our favourite shades from gel bottle 

Six of our favourite shades from Gel Bottle for the autumn/winter season are Brunette, Sultan’s Palace, Front Row, Cacao, Fern and Mocha. These shades are very popular with our regular clients. 
Here are some additional trends and shades that are popular for Autumn 2022…
the gel bottle chocolate French manicure
An Autumn French manicure 
Think of your usual French manicure but instead of white tips replace with a dark colour such as black, burgundy or forest green. The dark tips on a sheer natural base gives you delicate looking nails with a bit of edge.
the gel bottle blue angel


Expect to see every shade of chrome over the Autumn months – gold, green, blue, silver. Another option with chrome is to use this for your tips like the Autumn French manicure. We think the gold and silver chrome nail shades will be especially popular in the run up to party season this Christmas. 

Aura CND Shellac

forest green  

Forest green is a popular colour and will definitely reappear this Autumn. Another colour we have been told will be popular this season is olive green, a little lighter shade than forest green. 

CND devil red

Moody autumn tones 

The moody tones of Autumn will always be popular so be prepared to see people choosing more colours of nature this Autumn. Colours such as deep reds, taupes, browns, blacks and dark blues. 
Whether you want to try a different shade this Autumn or go with your firm favourite, we can find the right nail shade to suit you. 
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