BeautyLab specialises in identifying, researching and pioneering beauty product ingredients to provide modern day consumers with innovative beauty and lifestyle product.

BeautyLab is an intelligent, highly defined and functional skincare range. Their products are rich in natural extracts, oils, actives and high performance peptides and proteins – the result of many years of research and development into skincare and beauty at their London laboratories. Using only the finest, purest and most refined ingredients, BeautyLab products are free from parabens, petroleum and lanolin and are never tested on animals.

Beautylab Products at The Little Parlour

You can continue looking after your skin, even after visiting The Little Parlour for your BeautyLab facial treatment. We currently stock the Essential Skincare & Anti-Ageing range, each having their unique benefits to help support your skin regime.

Beautylab products are not available to purchase online at The Little Parlour. We take pride in getting to know you and understanding the challenges you have with your skin, so we can consult with you and recommend the most appropriate treatments and products that will benefit you and your skin the most.


Arrange a consultation today with one of our BeautyLab Specialists and see how you can start to achieve outstanding results for your skin!

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