How to care for your feet this winter

As the flip flops are carefully packed away for winter, it is important to care for your feet during the winter months. We know they are covered by socks and boots but that is not a reason to neglect them. After all, we cared for them all of Summer so why stop now!

Keep your feet clean

We know this sounds crazy but keeping your feet clean will prevent toenail fungus, ingrown toenails, and athlete’s foot. All of which, thrive in dark, moist, and warm environments, so make sure your feet are fully dry before putting on a fresh pair of socks. 

Don’t forget to moisturise your feet

Many clients often complain of dry, cracked skin on their feet and heels during winter and this is mainly due to the dry air and indoor heating. You can take care of your feet and prevent dry skin by applying a quality moisturising foot cream after your bath/shower. We also recommend popping on some loose fitting socks as well and wear these to bed to allow the moisturiser to work its magic. 

Have a regular pedicure during the winter months

Having a regular pedicure during the winter months will mean you give your toenails a breather. If you regularly remove nail varnish and apply a fresh coat it can maintain the amount of bacteria and fungal hibernating underneath your toenails. 

Winter socks and footwear

Breathable fabrics, like wool and moisture-wicking synthetics are great for socks because they reduce sweating. Look for socks that keep your feet warm and dry. 

Invest in nail oil

Using a nail oil such as tea tree oil can help promote and restore healthy nails. Try to find one with added anti-fungal properties. 

Wet socks and shoes

We love to get outdoors during winter and it is inevitable that your shoes and socks will get wet due to snow or rain. Looking after your boots and allowing them to dry out is just as important as making sure your feet are dry and warm after removing wet socks. 

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