Hot wax or strip wax – what’s the difference?

Hot wax or strip wax – what do you prefer? You may not be sure of the difference between the two. We’ve explained below and highlighted which wax is the most effective wax for the desired body part.

Strip Wax or Hot wax? 

Strip wax is the most commonly known form of waxing. It is a runny wax that is applied in a thin layer using a disposable wooden spatula. That area of wax (and hair) is then immediately removed by rubbing a disposable strip of material against it and quickly removing it. 
Hot wax on the other hand is thicker and applied thickly too. The hot wax is applied with a disposable wooden spatula. It will feel like a number of layers of hot wax has been applied. Once this has been done, the hot wax will begin to harden. We will then ‘pat’ the wax to check how soft or hard it is and we will peel away at a corner and then wax off the entire piece. No wax strip is used just removing the wax itself. 

Strip wax is better for removing softer hairs and should be applied like you are buttering bread, holding the spatula at a right angle to get the best coverage.

Hot wax wraps around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin. It’s best applied using the tip of a spatula in a medium and even consistency. Hot wax is typically ‘hotter’ than strip wax, only by a few degrees. We always test the temperature of the hot wax before applying it to our clients and you can often tell by the consistency of the wax if it is too hot. Please do let us know if you feel it is getting to hot though! 

When you think about it, strip and hot wax compliment each other. They both have their pros and cons and where one fails, the other is better. 

hot wax
We often get asked why hot wax is more expensive. This is mainly because it takes us more time and more still is required in the application process of the wax. 

What would we recommend? 

To wax delicate areas like the bikini area, underarms and face, we would recommend a hot wax. It’s the best for removing strong, thick and coarse hair. The ideal wax for areas like the legs, back, chest and arms would be strip wax. It’s excellent for removing softer hairs and more cost-effective for larger areas.  

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