Is there aftercare for semi permanent makeup?

Once you have invested in semi permanent makeup, you will want to understand the process of aftercare for semi permanent makeup. Most semi permanent makeup lasts between one to three years before you require a touch up appointment.

A number of factors come into play determining how long your makeup will last, for example, the type of ink used, the intensity of your pigment and the type of procedure you have chosen. The commitment to aftercare for semi permanent makeup will definitely influence the length of time your makeup lasts for.

After your treatment

Once you have completed a treatment, you may experience swelling, tingling, flaking, redness and itchiness. The reasons for this is that your skin is already beginning to repair itself. These symptoms can last up to 72 hours after your treatment. These can be relieved immediately with over the counter pain relief. Try to resist the temptation to itch the area that you have had treated and instead apply any sort of cream or ointment that we have provided you.

The first week after your treatment

The first week after your treatment is when your skin is healing and your aftercare for semi permanent makeup is crucial in this first week.

  • We recommend that during this first week you use the ointment that we have provided to you as this will be a healing balm. This should be applied two to three times a day, using clean hands or a clean cotton bud for each application.
  • During this first week, really try to resist the temptation to itch the area you have had treated. If you pick or scratch the area during this first week, you could cause scarring or infection.
  • Avoid wearing any makeup in the area that you have had treated, only apply the healing balm that we have provided you with
  • Try to avoid washing your face with water, use a cleanser to clean everywhere but the treated area.
  • If you have long hair, try to keep this away from the treated area.
  • Avoid the sun and don’t take part in any activity that could cause excessive sweating.

The aftercare for semi permanent makeup in the early stages is crucial and can mean the difference between a beautiful, long lasting cosmetic tattoo or a disappointing result.

semi permanent makeup aftercare

The first few weeks to a month after your treatment

Most semi permanent makeup would have healed after two weeks but we advise you still avoid sunshine, swimming pools, and salt water. We like to book you in for an appointment four to eight weeks after your initial treatment just to evaluate the colour and shape of the treatment after things have settled down. 

Longterm aftercare for semi permanent makeup 

We recommend that you always use sunscreen, avoid using anti-ageing creams in the treated area, and avoid skin treatments such as chemical peels, facial scrubs and laser rejuvenation.

Although the above seems overwhelming, most of it is common sense and we will always provide you with all the information you need for aftercare for semi permanent makeup. 

If you would like to check our availability or book a consultation for semi permanent makeup, please call 01932 853 200.

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